Even though it is relatively less common for fraudulent transactions to occur in the card present environment, we work to help you prevent all fraud, which costs you time and money. To assist you in protecting your business against unnecessary losses from fraud and chargebacks, we offer the following products and services:

State-of-the-art POS Equipment

Guardian Merchant Services’ POS equipment options offer the latest technology to help protect your business from both internal and external fraud, and it’s affordable. We offer support of AVS and CVV2/CVC2 to duplicate card checking and last-4 digit entry and password protection of key functions.

As a protection against cardholder fraud Guardian has security features in the software of all credit card terminals that require the operator to key either the last four digits of the card account number (4-Digit Fraud Protection), the card verification code (Non-Embossed Verification Code) and/or the address verification information (Address Verification System) directly into the terminal. We recommend against removing any point-of-sale terminal fraud protection features. Once you disable any of these functions, you may suffer financial losses due to fraud. Fraud protection features enable you to:

  • Detect fraudulent cards or fraudulent transactions at the time they occur.
  • Protect you from financial losses due to credit card or debit card fraud that might have been prevented by the terminal protections.
  • Protect you from PCI compliance fines.

Online Reporting

With all of your account data at the tip of your fingertips, you can quickly identify trends that might be indicative of fraudulent activity or improper operating procedures. Guardian Merchant Services can guide you in identifying these trends so you can do your best to take corrective measures company-wide or at an individual location to prevent fraud.

Payment Brand Data Security

Making sure you are compliant with the card association security programs is smart because it is required and it helps your business. By following the security programs, you protect your customers from fraud and thus maintain a sound business reputation. With a good reputation for security and satisfied customers, you have the key to success.

Manage Chargebacks

Guardian’s timely responses will ensure that you do not receive a chargeback for lack of response to a retrieval request.

Customer Service and Chargeback Support

Our experienced customer service representatives and chargeback specialists can answer your questions about fraud and assist you in responding to any chargebacks you do receive. Contact customer service online or call 800.934.7717.

Merchant Support Center

Guardian Merchant Services’ Support Center is an online resource designed to provide you with helpful information to get the most from your merchant services account. You’ll find lots of tips on reducing fraud and chargebacks and answers to many questions about payment processing in general.

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