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Fraud XP

Guardian’s Fraud XP tools are proven, sophisticated technologies that fully integrate with your payment processing. Fraud XP has advanced capabilities that provide greater visibility into possible fraud patterns. Fraud XP tools can help your business minimize lost sales and the associated costs of combating fraud.

Chargeback Management Suit

Preventing chargebacks is often as simple as establishing consistent point of sale practices that are followed by all of your employees. Our Chargeback Management Suit can greatly reduce the possibility of chargebacks responsible for loss of revenue. 

Guardian Payment XP

Guardian Payment XP is a secure, web-based payment solution for merchants that process transactions in consumer-not-present environments, such as phone orders. This user-friendly virtual terminal provides merchants with exceptional flexibility for payment acceptance by implementing multiple processing options, including credit card, ACH, and Check 21 processing into one single, convenient interface.

Guardian PC

Guardian PC is a versatile and revolutionary way to process credit card and ACH transactions. With simple and easy-to-use plug and play peripherals such as a card swipe and signature pad, Guardian PC is a software that allows you to convert any PC into a point-of-sale (POS) system.

More Than credit card processing

Guardian Merchant Services go far beyond the processing of credit card transactions and include:

  • Contactless Flexibility
  • Check services
  • Electronic Benefit Transfer
  • Membership Recurring Payments
  • Cash Advance Programs
  • Gift and Loyalty Programs
  • Automated Clearing House Services, and more.
Challenged by risk?

The most common kinds of Merchant Accounts are General Merchant, Retail, and E-Commerce. In addition, Guardian Merchant Services specializes in High Risk Merchant Services for companies that may have had difficulty obtaining Merchant Processing in the past, or are participating in industries that are considered to have a higher level of carrying risk by Acquiring Banks, or Visa/Mastercard. A Full Service Merchant Services Provider has the ability to customize payment solutions to fit the needs of all types of Accounts.

Applying made easy

Applying for a Merchant Account has never been simpler. As a merchant, you will need to provide Guardian Merchant Services with some fairly basic data about your business. While some other credit card processors require you to fill out lengthy forms and apply through the mail, we have made it easy to submit your application online or over the phone with one of our Merchant Account Specialists. The process can be complete within 24 to 48 hours in most cases.

Guardian Merchant Services boasts “in-house” capabilities at every level of Customer Service, including our own Underwriting Staff, IT and Software Personnel, and proprietary processing, security, and gateway software.

Available 'round the Clock

Our experts and technical support team is available 24/7 for any assistance you need. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Guardian is more than just a payment processing provider – we’re partners in a merchant’s success.

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Let our industry experts help you find the best solutions customized towards you and your business.

Covid-19 and Contactless Payments

For consumers, retailers, restaurants and service providers alike, Covid-19 has ushered in a new reality; cash is out and contactless methods of payment is quickly gaining ground as the preferred platform. With cash viewed as a possible method of spreading the virus...

Build Recurring Payment Revenue

Providing recurring payments is an easy way to increase retention, grow loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction – all while providing big-time savings for you and your company. Our convenient, easy-to-use recurring payments options provide bottom-line benefits to...

Preventing Chargebacks

A chargeback is the result of an action taken by a cardholder who disputes a credit card transaction through their credit card issuer. A chargeback can also be initiated by the issuing bank due to a technical issue, such as no authorization approval code received....

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